Justice Delayed or Justice Denied? Genocide and the Hazaras of Afghanistan

a webinar presented by the International Criminal Law Committee

co-sponsored by the Middle East Committee

International Law Section of the American Bar Association

Thursday, October 12, 2023, at  11:00 am EDT (NY Time zone)

Advance Zoom registration required.

The Hazara People of Afghanistan are among the largest ethnic minority groups in Afghanistan that have continued to face discrimination and persecution in the country for decades. It is reported that in the 1890s, the Hazara faced brutal genocidal campaigns, with survivors sold off as slaves and dispossessed of their homes and lands. The Hazaras have faced significant human rights violations, including discrimination in education, curtailment of political rights, and inability to freely practice their religious beliefs. In his February 2023 report to the Human Rights Council, United Nations Special Rapporteur for Afghanistan Richard Bennett stated that the Hazara “have endured the most violence and prejudice of any ethnic group in Afghanistan.”

This webinar will introduce the Hazara People, the situation in Afghanistan involving their human rights violations, and examine international crimes in this context. 

Moderator: Tim Franklin, ICLC Co-Chair


James Joseph, Director, The Duty Legacy

Dr. Homira Rezai, Chair, Hazara Committee UK 

Mehdi J. Hakimi, Lawyer and Scholar, University of Oxford

Webinar is open for all to attend, but advance registration is required.


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